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We must turn from aid to business development

MTI investment co founder Trond Randoy posing with the CEO of Shambani Milk Victor Mfinanga

We must turn from aid to business development

The regional newspaper Faedrelandsvennen, based Kristiansand, Norway, and covering the southernmost part of Norway did a feature on MTI and our investment in a dairy company Shambani Milk. Photo by Kjartan Bjelland

The article (norwegian) found here, features Professor Trond Randøy and the CEO of Shambani Milk, Victor Mfinanga, and writes about the history of Shambani Milk. Professor Trond Randøy also explains that the University of Agder needs to orientate itself more towards business. The article describes how Victor started Shambani Milk in 2003 but struggled to obtain financing from the bank and how the then doctorate student Neema Mori connected Victors business with MTI which has helped him grow his business tremendously.Trond explains that while there is a deficiency in financial capital in the region, their is brain-capital in East Africa, and with a growing middle class comes many business opportunities.

Original by Rune Øidne Reinertsen (, shorterened and translated by Pontus Engström).