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Admirable, but incorrect thinking

Panoramic picture of of Pontus Engstrom co-founder of the MTI investment company in a forest

Admirable, but incorrect thinking

Newspaper: Norrköpings Tidning and Östgöta Correspondenten

Photo by: Hans Martin Espegren

Original author: Petronella Uebel

Translated and adapted by: Pontus Engström

MTI’s co-founder and CEO Pontus Engstrom, PhD, was interviewed in Swedish Norrköpings Tidning and Östgöta Correspondenten about an investment made by the Swedish Church in a housing project in Kenya that has struggled a lot. For original, please click here.

”It was an admirable is easy to go wrong, and it is easy to be wise afterwards, but a lesson learnt is that you should not put all eggs in one basket.”

MTI has so far invested USD 4 million, all private money, and created 1000s of sustainable income generating jobs. 400 Maasai women deliver milk to a milk producer, 500 women have been educated into make-up artists, hundreds collect waste on the beaches of Zanzibar, and are engaged in recycling, hundreds of workers help build houses and offices, thousands of farmers in Mwanza etc. Development needs more growing SMEs and less microenterprises.