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Ecohomes designs, manufactures, and builds affordable housing using the modern technology of cold steel forming. 

The company’s founders wanted to diversify from traditional brick and mortar building methods to more advanced, efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly methods of using Light Gauge Steel. 

In 2016, EcoHomes built its own factory in Dar es Salaam in order to have sourcing and manufacturing in-house.

Founded: 2016

MTI invested in: 2017

Investment type: Equity financing

CEO: Eric Chonjo



Shambani Milk

Shambani Milk is a growing milk processing company that sells dairy products in Morogoro Municipality, Dodoma, and Dar es Salaam City. 

The company’s mission is to offer more accessible dairy products to the people in Tanzania and to directly support various local producers.

Shambani Milk collects fresh milk from about 400 milk producers in Morogoro, of which 87% are Maasai women.

Founded: 2003

MTI invested in: 2015

Investment type: Equity financing

CEO: Victor Mfinanga




Zanrec is a waste management company that collects and recycles plastic waste from more than 70 hotels in Zanzibar. Its mission is to work towards creating a zero-waste eco-system on the island which will also ideally become self-sufficient from green energy.

The island of Zanzibar generates over 96,000 metric tonnes of waste a year.

Due to a lack of proper waste management, an equivalent of the weight of a Boeing 747 gets dumped on Zanzibar every day, contaminating the environment and causing serious consequences to public health and the economy​.

Founded: 2009

MTI invested in: 2016

Investment type: Equity financing

General Manager: Justin Madho



Atsoko Beauty Store

Atsoko is the first makeup store in Tanzania. With five boutiques throughout Dar es Salaam, it is the leading makeup brand in Eastern Africa.   

Tanzania’s fast-growing middle-class demands new products with high quality and brand recognition. Atsoko offers genuine and safe products, and is the makeup brand you can trust in East Africa. 

Atsoko also runs a beauty academy which trains women to become makeup artists. Since its start in 2018, 600 young women have trained to become professional makeup artists through the Atsoko Beauty Academy.

Founded: 2012

MTI invested in: 2015

Investment type: Equity financing

General Manager: Rehema Julius



Chobo Investment

Chobo Investments was founded in 2010 as a project with the mission to establish a state of the art meat processing plant in Mwanza city. 

The objective was to add value to local livestock and create sustainable markets for rural livestock keepers engaging in animal husbandry of cattle, goats, sheep, and pork in the lake zone region.

Today the meat processing plant serves 1540 rural livestock keepers and produces high-quality meat products that are fully traceable to the herds and flocks.

Founded: 2010

MTI invested in: 2015

Investment type: Debt financing

CEO: John Chobo