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Martin Rex Empacher joins MTI Investment’s subsidiary Zanrec AB as new member of the Board

Martin Rex Empacher joins MTI Investment’s subsidiary Zanrec AB as new member of the Board

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – MTI Investment today announced that Martin Rex Empacher, CEO and co-founder of YardHouse Capital Group, has been elected to the board of Zanrec AB, a subsidiary (61%) of MTI Investment. Empacher will represent shareholder Claus Jørgensen who via his holding company in December 2021 agreed to invest USD 300,000 into Zanrec for 12,9% shareholding in Zanrec AB.

Empacher brings with him nearly two decades of experience from the financial market and will be focused upon bringing expertise from Impact Investments directly through YardHouse Family Office and external partners from YardHouse Global Partners and combine them with experience on the ground in Africa by being part of Zanrec AB board.

“Martin has long been an advocate for investments in emerging and frontier markets, applying his insight, experience, network, and passion for sound and value-creating investments,” said Pontus Engström, CEO of MTI Investment and Chairman of Zanrec AB. “We’re excited to welcome him to the Zanrec AB board of directors, and I know that all of us will benefit from his expertise.”

Zanrec is a privately held waste management company founded in 2009 and has a solid management team, streamlined operations, and is poised for future expansion. Zanrec supplements the Zanzibari government’s waste collection by collecting primarily organic waste from Zanzibar’s hotels. Zanrec places a high emphasis on waste reduction and education, and has built a community-driven waste management organization in eight villages, actively involving, and educating thousands of people.

Zanrec has a market share of approximately 20% of the hotels on Zanzibar, and by collecting approximately 4,000 tons of waste a year – waste that otherwise would be dumped at sea or in the woods – Zanrec makes a positive impact on the environment and creates a lot of jobs. With Zanrec as a waste management provider, hotels and tourists are guaranteed responsible waste handling.